Adult Workout

Class Structure
Adult classes meet three times per week for 60 minutes. This includes a 5-10 minute warm-up, 45-50 minutes of high intensity cardio/core and/or strength training and a 5 minute cool-down.

Adult Boot Camp – Program Goals and Highlights
Our classes are designed to keep you motivated and keep challenging you to get out of your comfort zone. We push you to new training levels, resulting in more calories burned, faster results and a more efficient metabolism. Throughout the week, we will rotate through a combination of strength training and core/cardio training. This places emphasis on total body training which will get you fit in a short amount of time. We will work on the mind/body connection throughout the process.
Strength Training – Our goal is to shock your body into getting more fit by building strength, adding definition, increasing bone density and decreasing body fat. Research has shown that by adding lean body mass (muscle) to your body, you can speed up your metabolism and burn more calories during your workouts and at rest. These training sessions focus on a combination of intense strength training for your upper and lower body.
Core/Cardio Training – Total body training is the target of these sessions, which include intense timed exercises. Each class blasts calories, fat and helps you achieve quick results. These sessions will take you through a series of cardio and strength training exercises with 15 second rest intervals in-between. This keeps your heart rate elevated to ensure maximum results. This class is fast-paced and focuses on a variety of exercises.

Class Offerings
The adult session meets three days per week for four consecutive weeks. Check the Class Schedules page for current class offerings and times.