Teen Workout

Class Structure
Teen classes are limited to 10 athletes per trainer. If classes are larger than 10 participants, additional trainers are there to assist the class. This helps to ensure that proper form is followed at all times and minimizes the risk for injury. Classes meet one to two times per week for 60 minutes, depending on the program. Each class is structured with a 5-10 minute warm-up, 45-50 minutes of high intensity cardio/core and/or strength training and a 5 minute cool-down.

Program Goals and Highlights
The teen classes are focused on full-body conditioning and strength training. Throughout the program, we will focus on training at the gym as well as the importance of proper nutrition before and after training to ensure optimal performance and well-being. The goal of each of our programs is to strengthen the girls’ minds and bodies to foster a healthy and positive body image.
Pre-Teen Conditioning – This program is designed for 11-13-year-olds looking to develop strength and endurance and build self-confidence by pushing themselves harder than they’d push themselves. This is a four-week program offered one night per week.
Teen Boot Camp – The teen boot camp class is offered to 13-17-year-olds, focusing on a combination of core/cardio and strength training. This is a four-week program offered two nights per week.

Specialty Sports Training
IB-Fit Club offers specialized pre-season training for a variety of girls’ sports including softball, lacrosse, volleyball and track. Private team training is available by request.
Strength/Speed/Agility Training – This training is focused on explosive speed and power, upper/lower body and core strength. The goals of the program include:
– Building upper body strength and core strength by focusing on joint rotations to aid in in-season injury prevention. Exercises will include weighted ball drills, body weight exercises and other weight lifting.
– Building lower body strength and speed through lower body conditioning. This is achieved through plyometrics, running drills and sprints in order to result in an athlete with more explosive strength and power.
– Building a strong core to keep the body stable and well-balanced.

Class Offerings
The teen session meets one to two days per week for four consecutive weeks. Check the Class Schedules page for current class offerings and times.